the start

well hi… I guess. this just a filler about myself, I’m down to earth but if it comes to a certain point I wont hesitate to punch you. anyways sarcasm could be my description at moments, other times it could be fun loving. I am absolutely in love with music, I started to really get into it over the summer. I would prefer one direction over anything else any day. even though I’m not an overly crazed dedicated fan like my friend I just really like their music. I can’t stand people who don’t have common sense, now I will admit that’s me SOMETIMES but with others its like 24/7. I have been known for my anger issues but I am able to suppress that side of me for a while now. I am weird but luckily I have friends that will be weird with me. I might be bipolar but my doctor has diagnosed me with that… yet. and last but not least I might not be consistent with theses blogs. sooooo!  peace on the streets san .